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About Us

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I have always been drawn to bowls and mugs, to their shape and form.


In 1994 I took a pottery class and fell in love with clay. To learn more and to keep pottery a constant in my life, I took an apprentice job with a local production potter. While there, I became aware of my need to develop my own style with clay and to discover my own abilities in form and function.


    Adding humor was a natural avenue. I began making simple pots (very simple) and in 1998 at a craft fair I was in awe as I watched a potter sculpt a face on a cup and I knew at that moment that I could to that. And that I wanted to do that. So I went back to my basement and did. I have been making faces ever since. I have never enjoyed anything as much. The sculpting is the fun part, but I still have to do the simple stuff. Thatís what life is all about, keeping it simple.



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